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Released: 11 February, 2020

Daniel chats with Chris Do from The Futur about why teaching not only brings him joy, but how lucrative it can be for anyone willing to put in the work.

Released: 18 September, 2019

Tips from a million-dollar online course creator – with Daniel Walter Scott

Released: 22 October, 2019

Daniel and Shayna Oliveira chat about Shayna’s path to success and how to not be sales-ey when selling courses.

Released: 10 October, 2019

Daniel Offers Personalised Advice for New Online Instructor Sarah Parkinson.

Released: 02 October, 2019

Daniel and Tayla chat about creating a Youtube Channel for Online Course Creation

Released: 03 September, 2019

Daniel and Elzaan Marnane chat about Imposter Syndrome and How to Deal With It

Released: 28 August, 2019

Daniel and Tayla chat about their stolen online course videos

Released: 20 August, 2019

Daniel and Tayla chat about exclusive and non-exclusive online courses

Released: 13 August, 2019

Daniel and Tayla chat about their experiences with updating older courses.

Released: 06 August, 2019

Daniel and Tayla offer their suggestions for where to place your courses online.

Released: 16 May, 2019

Utilising social communities you have to grow your brand and sell your courses.

Released: 01 May, 2019

Compare 2 versions of a single variable to see how it affects your conversion rate and other statistics for your online business.

Released: 24 April, 2019

Help grow and sustain your online course business by making use of virtual assistants.

Released: 17 April, 2019

It sucks having your courses stolen, but what can you do about it, if anything?

Released: 08 April, 2019

Learn about Lucas’ journey from full time animator to online course creator

Released: 20 March, 2019

Get the most out of your course launch

Released: 13 March, 2019

Ian Yates from Envato Tuts+ talks with Daniel about Creating Online Courses

Released: 28 February, 2019

Adobe Master Trainer, Robbie Carman talks with Daniel about Online Courses

Released: 19 February, 2019

Online Training Veteran, David Blatner joins Daniel for an Interview

Released: 13 February, 2019

Photoshop Veteran Dave Cross joins us to talk Online Course Creation

Released: 04 February, 2019

Terry White from Adobe joins us to talk Online Content Creation

Released: 12 December, 2018

Justin Seeley of EduPixel joins us to talk Online Course Creation

Released: 05 December, 2018

Don't make this mistake with your Youtube videos!

Released: 28 November, 2018

Where's the best place to host your Online Courses?

Released: 24 November, 2018

One of the most important parts of launching a course!

Released: 14 November, 2018

Handling large amounts of student questions

Released: 07 November, 2018

The instructorHQ Checklist Explained

Released: 29 October, 2018

Discounting might net you more sales, but is there a hidden cost?

Released: 24 October, 2018

Updates to the Interactive Course Creation Checklist at

Released: 03 October, 2018

Daniel answers viewer questions and reveals his earnings.

Released: 21 September, 2018

Marketplaces can boost your course sales massively, find out which ones to put yours on.

Released: 21 September, 2018

We made a few mistakes along the way of creating Bring Your Own Laptop, learn from our mistakes so you don't have to suffer!

Released: 20 September, 2018

Choosing a topic can sometimes be daunting, Daniel breaks it down to 5 simple steps