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The bootcamp is a self-paced video series turning what’s in your head, and your heart, into a profitable online video course.

What is the Bootcamp?

Are you ready to launch YOUR unique video course? Are your ideas ready to move from your head and your heart to the real world? Are you determined to make something your audience wants to see? The InstructorHQ Bootcamp is your chance to start with the help, accountability and the training you’ve been looking for to bring your vision to life!

Bootcamp is for beginners who have the ideas but need help fleshing out the

practical aspects of getting your course online. And because you’re going to be getting direct help from your instructors and classmates, you’re going to have the motivation and support you need to press through and complete the process!

Bootcamp is step-by-step instructions from our InstructorHQ founders and team, with lectures and assignments that will fill in all the missing information that’s been holding you back.

We make sure you get all the knowledge you need to succeed, and the encouragement from us, and your peers, to help you go the distance.

This is your chance to start creating your first course with all the help you need to get a finished course up and selling!

Bootcamp Includes:

Self-paced video series – you get the literal brains trust of InstructorHQ who’ve been there and done that. Learn from their experience and up to date first-hand knowledge so you can avoid the common ‘noob’ pitfalls.

Step by Step instruction – learn things in the right order so you don’t get lost or find yourself having to redo work because you didn’t foresee technical and artistic challenges later in the process.

Professional Review of YOUR Progress – don’t wonder if you’re getting it right. Get your work reviewed and supported by classmates and the InstructorHQ team. Find out if your ideas are resonating with your audience, and make sure you haven’t missed anything.

Assignments with Direct Outcomes – No ‘fill in the blanks’ busy work here. All your assignments will build on each other to give you a practical understanding and experience in creating online video courses that are profitable. You’ll learn by doing. You’ll be creating YOUR real course.

Private Q&A Group – Test your ideas and gauge response from other people, because your mum means well but isn’t the right person to help you with your course. Got questions? Need feedback? It’s all here in a safe and professional environment where you can get real knowledge and the feedback of people interested in your success. And we know you’re starting out, so there will be advice and instruction tailored to beginners and no ‘wrong questions.’

Lecturers’ Review – Your homework and assignments will be reviewed and commented on by your lecturers. The experienced team at InstructorHQ will give you the comments and suggestions that come from years of practical experience in creating profitable courses.

Learn Production Skills – Clear and easy to follow steps to creating the video, audio and content for your course and getting it all into a video. From what gear you can start with to how to light your videos through to getting good audio. It’s all here to get you going.

Learn Editing (from Script to Video) – Not just the video, but the whole flow of your course and how to make it all make sense to your audience. Again, step by step help from super experienced course creators.

Get Help Building Your Own Website – A huge step in marketing your course and building a long term audience keen to purchase your courses. It’s easy to get lost in the maze of creating a website, but InstructorHQ Bootcamp to the rescue again with simple and logical help to get up and running without wasting a lot of time or even more money.

Help Building your Udemy Profile – Bootcamp is super focused on getting you actually up and running, and part of that process is guiding you through uploading your course to one of the world’s largest marketplaces for online video courses. The skills you’ll learn here will translate to many of the other popular websites, and we’ll help you avoid missing those critical details that can hold you back.

How to Make Your First Sale – Sometimes the first small step can seem daunting, and for a beginner making one sale can feel really difficult. Where do you start? How much do you charge? How do you even find a customer? We’ve got your back with all the real and up to date information from people actually using a variety of platforms successfully.

Accountability – You know you need it. Your classmates and the InstructorHQ team are going to keep encouraging you to finish well. No putting things off or quitting halfway through. You need support, we get it. And we’re giving it. We want you to succeed, not just finish! You won’t be alone as you get a shot at turning your passion into a profitable course.

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How Bootcamp Works:

Each 1-hour live module is delivered via video and is 40 minutes of lecture, 20 mins live Q&A and 5 minutes to explain your homework assignment.

You simply upload your homework to a Facebook group for review by your lecturer & other students before the next lecture.

Because there are deadlines to complete work, you’ll be less likely to ‘forget’ to complete work or put it off to the point of not doing it. This is part of the accountability process that most creative people like yourself need to succeed.

Anytime you need help with an assignment, there will be all the resources and support you need to ‘git r done!’ Support is a huge benefit of InstructorHQ Bootcamp, and we encourage you to make the most of it.

Bootcamp Schedule

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Bootcamp lecture 1

Session 1: Researching and Choosing a SUCCESSFUL Course Topic and Name.

No guesswork required, and much less trial and error. We kick off Bootcamp with learning how to check the level of interest (AKA market demand) and potential profitability of your idea becoming an online video course. You’ll get succinct strategies for sorting through your ideas, ranking ideas based on demand and how easy it will be for you to create. We also explore the vital marketing tactic of choosing the right name for your course so it’s getting the maximum search traffic.

Bootcamp lecture 2

Session 2: Recording and Production Tools.

What hardware and software do you need to create an online video course? Save yourself a ton of time and money by learning how to use paid and free options and leverage affordable technology. Already got gear and software? We’ll take you through the right technical standards so you’re uploading the right format to various marketplaces. There’s also a great discussion on what you do and don’t need to make video courses to an acceptable level of quality.

Bootcamp lecture 3

Session 3: Creating A Compelling Course Outline.

Creating a successful course requires planning and execution way beyond standing in front of a camera and spewing out everything you know. You need to organize your ideas into a logical flow that makes sense to your audience. This will also greatly assist you as you write and edit your course.

First time creators often suffer from the ‘curse of knowledge’ – you forget that your audience doesn’t know everything you know and it’s easy to skip over important basics. We want to help you create courses that are easy for your audience to follow from start to finish.

Bootcamp lecture 4

Session 4: Recording Your Course’s First Video.

There’s more to life than just ‘talking heads!’ We’ll cover how to present well on camera and be engaging. Everyone will benefit from walking through the technical steps of filming. Additionally, you’ll get a vital introduction to all the other ways to present information in your course including slides, voice-over, screen capture, and animation.

The course gets really hands-on here with you actually creating video content for your first course.

Bootcamp lecture 5

Session 5: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome.

This lecture is to help you over the hump of recording your course. Ofter people get stuck before they get started questions around ‘who am I to be delivering this course’. In this lecture Clinical Psychologist Elzaan Marnane will talk to you about Imposter Syndrome, why we experience it and what you can do to minimise its effects.

Bootcamp lecture 6

Session 6: Getting Over the ‘Halfway There’ Blues.

Have you ever gotten about halfway through a project and just kind of…died? It’s common to run out of energy during a creative project. Bootcamp to the rescue with expert instructors Phil Ebinar & Ray Blakney and their bag of tricks for reinvigorating you and your project. They’ll help you keep on track to finishing the course and injecting energy back into the process, so your last video looks and feels as fresh as the first.

Bootcamp lecture 7

Session 7: How to Edit Your Course.

You’ve finished recording your videos and it’s time to break out the b-roll and graphics. Editing your video’s pace and flow will keep your audience tuned in and Bootcamp will help you use the right tools to make your images be the best they can be. Additionally, we’ll take a look at enhancing your audio, so you sound as good as you look. Editing is more than assembly, it’s a whole new chance to refine and bring out your ideas. Bootcamp will help you to turn this process from mechanical to creative.

Bootcamp lecture 8

Session 8: Creating Your Introduction Video.

All those clichés about ‘first impressions’ are true! Your introduction is vital in setting your tone and the audiences’ expectations which is why we’ve put this later in the session. You’ve created your course, you’ve refined your flow, now it’s time to create the ‘big picture’ to lead your audience into your course, and your world. We also cover using visual techniques, voice-over, and music. As a bonus, professional copywriter/author Deane Patterson will share about engaging your audience at every stage of the journey.

Bootcamp lecture 9

Session 9: Uploading to Marketplaces and Platforms.

There are many different places you can sell your courses from, and InstructorHQ has dealt with all the big ones. We’ll give you all the ‘little details’ that make a big difference. This includes Udemy and SkillShare and the super versatile InstructorHQ platform. We’ll also delve into selling your courses from your own website and all the benefits that can bring for creators interested in building a dedicated following.

Bootcamp lecture 10

Session 10: Launch Your Course!

By this point, you’ve really built a course! Instead of sitting on it, you and your fellow students will support each other through the launch process and release your ideas into the world. We’ll teach you what to expect, all the steps to ensure a successful release, and how to monitor sales and feedback.

Doing this not only caps off Bootcamp but gets you up and running with the processes in place to make more courses as your ideas and market demand meet.

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Most creative people are terrific at coming up with ideas but for many reasons are often poor at completing them. InstructorHQ Bootcamp was created to not only give you the skills, but to create an environment where you get the accountability and support you need to FINISH and release an online video course.

Once you’ve made it all the way through the first time, you’re going to be many times more likely to create more courses and start making a real income from your passion and knowledge.

This is your chance to put yourself through all the steps and launch a successful course, and perhaps a whole new chapter in your life.

All you have to do now is sign up and get ready to release the flood of creativity you’ve only thought about. This is where you start

Your Questions

Who is the InstructorHQ Bootcamp For?

Do you think what you know would be great for an online video course? Don’t know where to start? Are you unsure if you’re the right person to make a course for a subject? Do you feel ‘tech-illiterate’ and wouldn’t know how to create a video much less upload it?

Welcome to the Bootcamp where we start at the very beginning (without insulting you like that 12-year-old kid on YouTube). We take it step by step in a logical way that ensures you get not only the knowledge you need, but the practical help and experience you need to become a confident course creator in your own right.

If you don’t know where to start, sign up now – because it all starts here.

What will I need to do the course?

You’ll need a computer. Live chat gear (mic, headphones/speakers) is strongly recommended.

You’ll need to install the Zoom video conferencing tool (it’s free).

We’ll be using Facebook to share assignment work. There’s a private page to enable you. You won’t need a video camera, just a smartphone that shoots video. We will discuss audio and video gear and software; many free products and trials are available. If you want to get some gear we’re here to help you get the right tools without going crazy (or broke).

Can I ask questions?

We want you to ask! During your weekly sessions there is a live Q&A session with your teachers and guest speakers. We’ll have voice and text chat enabled as part of this. You can also use the private chat and Facebook page to get help at any time.

What’s the cost?

Subscribe to InstructorHQ for just $14.95 per month (and all the amazing tools and training the platform offers) and Bootcamp is included! If you don’t want to use InstructorHQ after Bootcamp, just cancel your subscription at the end of the Bootcamp. InstructorHQ allows you to host your own courses on your website (and we show you how to do this) but it’s totally optional after Bootcamp is completed.

What If I miss a session or the timezone doesn’t work for me?

Don’t Panic! As soon as every session ends we’ll upload the video so you can watch it later (or again!). We know life happens, so don’t worry about missing a session. We also know that some of our students are in different times zones – you won’t miss anything with loads of support from the Bootcamp Facebook page.

You will still be able to interact with instructors and other students at any other time. All assignments and reviews happen in your own time.

Can I stop the bootcamp?

If you discover at some point ‘this is not for you,’ or any other reason, you can cancel your subscription any time you choose.

What else is included with my InstructorHQ subscription?

We’re so glad you asked because Bootcamp is just a part of the amazing world of InstructorHQ. Our platform hosts your videos for you enabling you to sell your online video courses directly from your own website. InstructorHQ offers a payment gateway to handle your online sales and subscriptions meaning you are in control of your audience. You also get a dashboard to monitor your sales and more at other marketplaces.

On top of all of this is the amazing training and resources via our blog, podcast and special programs like Bootcamp. We’re really here to help you – it’s a philosophy, not an afterthought.

Who is teaching the Bootcamp?

Your main instructor is Daniel Walter Scott. Dan is the poster child of online video course creation. He’s also a very well know Adobe Certified instructor teaching live classes around the world.

Dan has over 20 online courses earning more than US$1 Million dollars a year.

You’ll get to interact with Dan in chat as well as guest speakers including clinical psychologist Elzaan Marnane & other experienced instructors to discuss relevant topics for new course creators.

Deane Patterson (Copywriter)

“Finally, someone is making this easy for absolute beginners. Dan is brilliant at getting you from zero to hero thanks to his real-world experience.”

- Deane Patterson (Copywriter)

Elzaan Marnane (Principal Clinical Psychologist)

“What makes Dan unique, is that he doesn’t just have the technical know-how. He also understands how to get you past the emotional blocks.”

- Elzaan Marnane (Principal Clinical Psychologist)

Daniel Scott (Online Instructor)

“I’m super excited to help others win in this exciting industry.”

- Daniel Scott (Online Instructor)

Why You Should Sign Up Now

Get the right help and get motivation and support from people just like you to START AND FINISH creating online video courses from your heart as well as your head. We want to add the skills and knowledge your passion needs to create profitable courses. This course is for you, and it’s the gateway to creating great courses for hungry audiences. Sign up here and get more than just Bootcamp, get access to all the amazing tools, training and support from InstructorHQ.