About Us

You’re good at something.

So good at something your friends use the word ‘great.’ And then they ask you for help.

It’s more than knowledge – its passion multiplied by hours and hours of experience and by now you’ve realized a lot of people need your help to avoid the rookie mistakes and first-time missteps you’ve already learned to overcome.

The great news for you? There’s a huge and hungry global marketplace for skills and expertise in every conceivable subject – including that thing you’re brilliant at.

Online video courses are the effective, and profitable, way to reach the masses. But for most people any or all those three words, ‘online/video/courses’ are something you don’t know how to do.

You are exactly the person we want to help!

InstructorHQ.com is built by experts in online training. We are experienced and passionate about the intricacies of creating and promoting YOUR online video courses. We have the tools, resources and understandable training you need to run your own online video courses without falling off the first cliff you encounter.

You’ve possibly attempted this on DIY alone – we’ve all been there – but the team at InstructorHQ know that many technical and repetitive tasks either distract or even completely derail you from the good part, actually creating your online video courses.

You don’t have time to forage all over the internet for every little detail. Just thinking about all that stuff can be daunting and may even be the thing that’s stopped you from even starting the journey.

The help is hardwired into InstructorHQ. So, where practical, we’ve created tools and automation to take the pain out of managing your courses. Add to that the hands-on knowledge you need to do things right, and we help you with every aspect from creating a course to marketing it so your audience will come.

With InstructorHQ as your guide, all our passion multiplied by hours of real-world experience is now yours.

We’re not just a hosting platform that can put your courses in dozens of different high traffic (and high reward) places. And we’re not just a remarkably easy to use dashboard for managing your subscribers, your courses and even your payments from just one place.

We are the help you’ve been looking for to create without being an ‘expert’ in online video courses. The knitting /sword forging /painting etc. we leave to you.

InstructorHQ loves noobs. And we’re not embarrassed to use that word, because you, as a new instructor yourself, know that everyone starts somewhere. And the sooner you get help, the fewer potholes and blind alleys you’ll have to endure.

We want to help you turn what’s in your head, and your heart, into successful online video courses that people enjoy, share and subscribe to for more. And that’s what we’re great at, so you can spend more of your time being great at your passion.

Unlike most places where you can ‘sell’ your courses, we don’t profit from keeping you exclusive – we want you to be everywhere where people want your courses. And we want to help you from the very beginning because we all know it’s what you don’t know that can do the real damage. Or at least give you a very unpleasant week while you wade through generic FAQs or wait for help desk tickets to be answered.

Our system is very direct. It does one thing amazingly well. It allows you to upload your course & start taking on students.

We want to make that as easy, robust and clear as possible. And we don’t want to swamp you with technical detail while you’re doing it. All the information is presented in a way that understands you’re often learning as you go – so we leave the super technical stuff for when you’re ready.

We start with you at the very beginning including how to conceive and develop a course. How to turn it into an attractive video. How to market it to the right audience. And how to grow.

Regardless of your video production skill, or what equipment you’re starting out with, we want to help you pick a course people want (and are therefore willing to pay for), get you into actual production, and then get it online where people can find it. And then we’ll help you market and maintain a healthy audience for your courses.

When making a new course is simple, and even profitable, it’s going to easy for you to create more courses, gain more subscribers and reach a larger audience.

We don’t want you struggling to make a couple of courses a year. We want it to be natural, and manageable, enough for you to create courses as the need, or your expertise, dictates.

That’s putting you in the driver’s seat creating instead of spending all your time managing endless and inscrutable detail.

You probably have a good idea of what you ‘want to’ say, and InstructorHQ wants to give you the ‘how to’ that makes your courses a reality.

InstructorHQ is multi-platform (we help you to be everywhere video courses are sold) and apart from our super easy/super reliable hosting, you’re going to love the easy to follow education that’s at the front of everything we do.

From how to make and upload a video, to how to find successful topics, to how to keep your audience tuned in and sharing your content. And all that stuff about making and editing videos that some find intimidating. Then there’s the super important marketing that so much ‘technically’ oriented training skips over (at your peril). We all know that making it is only half the job - finding an audience is just as important.

We have video training, courses, blog posts and even a podcast to help you learn in whatever way you find best. Real people providing real support.

It’s not just ‘generic’ technical help – our expertise is built on years of ‘in the trenches’ teaching, training, course design and endless late-night sessions figuring this stuff out before it was ‘a thing.’

It’s all included in one simple InstructorHQ subscription.

Click here to start an amazing journey!